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Dehya,  pronounced day-yah, is a Jamaica patois word that translates to "I am here."  DehyaYogaStudios, an online Wholeness Center that supports members and guests access and maintain homeostasis of mind-body-soul awareness. 


Our services include yoga, dance, intuitive massage, coaching, doula services and so much more!!

DYS has an extensive catalogue of certified and licensed professionals who are available and willing work to support and serve all our clients.

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Karma - RYT200, and Buti Sculpt.  Karma, Dehya's Director, is originally from Brooklyn, NY and was first introduced to yoga in 2015 after her big chop hairstyle. For those unfamiliar, this is a pivotal moment in a woman’s life where she opts to start all over and be free thinking. From her very first yoga class, Karma was committed to reflecting inward and sharing the importance of women’s wellness.


Karma is a full time parent to one amazing kid, a Doula Trainee- servicing NYC, and a lover of all things loving and kind to yourself. She prides herself on being a guardian of her students when they practice, crafting  space  for them to deepen their breath, quiet the mind and remember that one step at time is just fine.

Syntyché Francella- Dehya's CEO & Founder, MA.,M.Ed., MSW, is a trauma informed yoga teacher, apothecary, coach and social worker; EYRT-200, RYT-500,  and Reiki Master.  


Syntyché, has also received training in Mindfulness at Columbia University, is a certified mat-Pilates instructor, and AromaTouch therapist . The design of her classes demonstrates a seamless incorporation of both the physical and emotional bodies.


Syntyché is also a published author, motivational speaker, campaigner of social justice.  Her signature Hibiscus Flow class is a multi-sensory experience of movement, mindfulness and the much needed medicine of being in community. 

Katya Anne Joseph aka K4kreative, Dehya's Creative Director, began her dance career at the age of 7. She began learning at Tip Tap Toe and continued her dance training at Devore Dance Center.


Katya was also the director of the dance and creative movement program at CP Kids in Manhattan from 2014-2016. Katya studied Laban Movement Analysis with the Dance Education Laboratory from 2014-2015 and participated in the Negro Company Ensemble’s dance intensive under the direction of Obediah Wright, in order to become a better dancer, and teacher.

Currently, Katya is a full time artist and dance instructor. She works with many programs throughout the city such as Nu Vision, World Rhythm Academy, FLOTUS and Elite Learners Inc teaching dance education. She has also teamed with other artists to use dance videos to spread positive messages and tell stories across the nation. In the future, she hopes to create an Art center where she may counsel and teach dance to students of all ages.

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Sunday, a NYC Native, has a deep passion to help people love themselves through body positivity and self acceptance. Having experienced personal traumas, she truly understands that the start of breakthrough begins with being one with yourself.

 “Being black, queer, plus sized, and loud (lol) I want others who identify in ways such as myself to feel strongly about who they are and that means fearlessly taking up space.” Her specialties include yoga and dance. Sunday has been featured on MTV’s TRL and VMA’s alongside Lizzo.

Sunday's weekly classes help women of all shapes, sizes, and backgrounds move and embrace their bodies.


Dehya gave me a place to practice yoga in my neighborhood and has been a good influence on me.

- Ali



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